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Hp DashCam U818x (Ultra High Definition 2k Recording With 5MP Sony's Starvis Sensor, Includes Front And Rear Cam Rc6 1080p Recording)

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New launch, hp u818x, amazes you with the crystal clear 2K resolution. It is, moreover, equipped with the Sony's Starvis 5MegaPixels sensor which captures great video quality even in the low light environment.
If you wish to have dual cam recording, 2K on front camera and 1080p on rear camera will be your best choice.



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Built-in MP5 Sony's Starvis Sensor

The u818x is equipped with 5MegaPixels Sony's Starvis sensor IMX335. No matter in the rainy day or dark night, the video quality is always excellent.

Ultra-High Definition 2K

This brilliant dash cam offers great image quality 2K 2560x1440P with Sony Starvis' sensor. It captures and records street sight in details. Traffic sign, license plate, road view and all the image memory upon your traveling will be perfect collected more than your expectation.


Dual Wide Screen

If you install optional rear camera, you can have front-end and rear-end dual images displayed together on screen.

In addition to dual preview images, the ADAS warning image once triggered will be also simultaneously rendered on this wide screen. Conveniently, you can have all at a glance.

High Frame Rate 60fps

Even if a car driving at high speed, with 60 frames rate per second recording, you can see clearly from video the car plate number, face of pedestrian, shop sign and more on street. It will help you to obtain important information.

Delicate Design

Exquisite industrial design, elegant streamlines, unique speaker styling, all of all make this in-car decoration not only functional but exceptional and extraordinary.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The u818x is equipped with the latest ADAS features, including Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS),

Front Collision Warning System (FCWS),

Headlight Warning and Driver Fatigue Alert.

*This feature should be treated as a guide only, not as a reliable safety mechanism.

GPS and SuperCar 2.0 Software

Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) brings you the Auto-Sync function to make sure date and time of the footage is accurate at all times, and bundled specific SuperCar 2.0 software allows for trip tracking of speed and heading.

Parking Mode

Provide video recording from one of three options, Park Recording, Motion and Collision Recording, Timelapse.

*This feature needs to install ACC cable (c501) in advance.

Wi-Fi and APP Go Dashcam

The u818x supports Wi-Fi function. The friendly app let the user easily preview, playback or download the file from smart phone.

Built-in 3-Axis G-Force Sensor

The built-in G-force sensor can detect unexpected events and trigger Emergency Video Recording mode with date and time-stamped as well as protected from loop recording overwrites.