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hp DashCAms now Launched in India

hp dashcams

Embark on a journey of clarity and security with HP Dash Cams – where cutting-edge technology meets road-ready reliability. Engineered to capture every moment with precision, these dashcams redefine safety on the go. From sleek design to advanced features, HP Dash Cams are your silent co-pilot, ensuring a drive filled with confidence and unmatched vigilance. Trust in the power of innovation; trust in HP on the road.

product range

hp-Car Camcorder f450x

No matter drive in the urban or village roads, the f450x will never disappoint you with the capture image or the ADAS function. The f450x is equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi module, and supports 1080p rear camera. It is a perfect product to complete your car in full view and accompanying your journey without worries.

hp-Car Camcorder f490w

You’re ready for potential chaos of driving with the HP Car Camcorder f490w mounted in your vehicle. This Super HD 1296p camcorder with an ultra-wide angle lens and large aperture allows you to record your trip in amazing detail. The Wi-Fi function with easy operation app provides more value to the f490w. When you start the car , the f490w automatically starts recording video

with no need to push any button.

hp-Car Camcorder u818x

New launch, hp u818x, amazes you with the crystal clear 2K resolution. It is, moreover, equipped with the Sony’s Starvis 5MegaPixels sensor which captures great video quality even in the low light environment. If you wish to have dual cam recording, 2K on front camera and 1080p on rear camera will be your best choice.

Let this best partner accompanying your journey now.

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