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Alpine R2-S653 : Type R2 -3 Way Speaker

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Alpine R2-S653 : Component 3-way Pro Speaker

Alpine R-Series speakers are engineered to deliver prodigious power while maintaining extreme sound clarity for a totally exciting sound. They provide high power output and handling, wide frequency response, and powerful bass. The R-Series line includes component and coaxial speakers, subwoofers and for the first time, amplifiers.

Tech Specs:

  • Speaker type: 6-1/2" (16.5cm) COMPONENT PRO 3-WAYS SPEAKER
  • Frequency response: 65 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Power handling: 300 Watts peak power, 100 Watts RMS power
  • Material: Glass Fiber, Dust cap, Aluminum die-cast, Ferrite magnet
  • Dimension: Tweeter: 25mm, Midrange: 90mm, Woofer: 165mm

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Alpine: Elevating In-Car Audio Excellence

Alpine stands as a distinguished brand specializing in high-end car audio systems, dedicated to providing a superior auditory experience on the road. With a legacy of innovation and precision engineering, Alpine offers a comprehensive range of audio solutions that redefine in-car entertainment. Their products combine cutting-edge technology with meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in sound systems that deliver unparalleled clarity, depth, and power. From immersive soundscapes to dynamic bass, Alpine's commitment to sonic excellence ensures that every drive is transformed into a symphony of audio delight.

Origin Country: Japan