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Alpine RUX-C600 Controller

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As a cost-effective high-quality audio processor, PXE-R600 adopts the ADAU1450 processing chip, and its processing capacity can reach 147.456MHz.
Also, Support mobile phone APP and computer software tuning.

High texture & easy to operate

The coating design of the black alumina metal wire drawing process and die-casting aluminum process plus dark gray metallic paint on the surface reflect the high-end stable texture. RCA port uses gold-plated terminals, which are beautiful and can reflect the advanced sense of the product.

High-quality audio

As a cost-effective high-quality audio processor, PXE-R600 adopts the ADAU1450 processing chip, and its processing capacity can reach 147.456MHz. It is excellent in detail processing and resolution capabilities. The treble is clear and bright, and the midrange is full and round. It is also very decent in terms of sound balance. The sense of quantity and presence is real.

Tuning function by region design

• Each function is designed in different regions at a glance • The current channel highlight indicates that channel joint debugging is supported • Volume can be adjusted by the slider and + - key, which is simple and convenient • The crossover supports high/low pass one-key switching comparison

HD Bluetooth

PXE-R600 uses aptX external high-definition Bluetooth module, allowing you to get a better music experience through wireless devices.

Wire controller (sold separately)

RUX-C600 • Adjust the total volume (0~35) • Select the main audio source (High level, Bluetooth, Low level) • Select auxiliary audio source (High level, Bluetooth, Low level) • Adjust the bass volume (0~15) • Recall 6 sets of preset sound effect data


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