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The greatest audiophile New X-Series speakers are available in 2 ways Component and Coaxial models. These flagship models have been intensively designed and meticulously selected premium grade materials offering a high-end system that allows you to experience a lifelike sound reproduction and wonderful dynamic and spatial sound impression. As well you can enjoy an astonishing Hi-Res Audio playback up to 40kHz with stunning details and great dynamic range.

An Audiophile Sound Experience

With High Frequency responding up to range 55 Hz - 50 kHz, you can enjoy an ultimate listening experience in every single harmonic detail of the music and massive sound stage.

All-New Material Design for Overall Improved Performance

The various types of enhanced materials are provided to improve sound performance even better. The new Nano-fiber cones with very lightweight and rigid and can increase the accuracy of sound. There is good internal damping which residual energy decays quickly without distorting the original music tones. A stiffer carbon Graphite tweeter performs like a hard dome tweeter as the best material to keep the natural sound characteristics of a soft dome tweeter. The high performance of Twitter allows you to truly enjoy a Hi-Res Audio sound quality as it offers increased accuracy and extends the high-frequency range up to 40kHz.


Great Install-ability

With the lightweight neodymium magnets, any installation will take up less space needed inside the car door and lower mouthing depth because its size design with much smaller than the traditional designs.

Easy To Install Network Design

You can easily adjust the level of the tweeter (-3 / 0 / +3 dB) and the tweeter phase (normal / reverse) by just only slides open for giving access to the adjustment jumpers.


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