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GENOME H9006 Super Canbus 5500K (55W Per Series)

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Looking for the lights to upgrade the visibility? Choose Genome online lights store! We offer premium quality HID lights for your vehicle. The 9006/HB4 bulb size is commonly used for low beams and fog lights.

Genome 9006 HID bulbs are made of premium quality quartz glass. This material is resistant to high temperatures and vibrations. As a result, it allows eliminating the risk of explosion. Our 9006 HB4 HIDs are available in twelve color options. Choose the one you like most and make the appearance of your vehicle elegant. The most popular color options of headlights are 4300-6000K since they are considered the brightest ones.

These HID 9006 headlight bulbs have a base that is designed to fit the headlight assembly securely. The rubber washers prevent the moisture from getting inside. AMP connectors and ballast feeds provide secure waterproof connections. The HID factory plug is designed to fit the vehicle’s factory socket easily!

 High-intensity discharge lights tend to last longer than regular halogen bulbs. Moreover, this 9006 conversion kit produces three times more light so you can drive through heavy rain, dense fog, or the darkest night safely.

Our 35W slim HID ballasts are shockproof & dustproof. They require a little space to be mounted and come with a set of mounting brackets and screws. The AC current allows prolonging the lifespan of the bulbs and the HID kit as a whole.


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