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KENWOOD LED 9005/9012

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  • 6000K Color temperature
  • Built-in fan cooling system
  • Lifespan  30000 hrs
  • Conversion efficiency > 87%
  • Working temperature -40 °C ~ +105 °C
  • Real brightness (more than conventional bulbs . All super bright 3570 six - code chips for ultra-brightness, strong light-focusing for safer night driving)
  • White light temp 6000K (Brilliant white light equivalent  to daylight, soothing for oncoming traffic.)
  • Consistant Lighting ( Design in accordance with the halogen light center to acheive the perfect Beam Pattern avoiding dark spots.)
  • Instant Start (Instant glow in microseconds, due to smart power unit. Prevents rear-end accidents, ensure traffic safety.)
  • Plug And Play Installation ( No wire tampering or additional fitments  required, just plug and play.)
  • Energy - Efficient And Durable (Compared with Halogen bulbs, it has less electricity, puts less strain on your car battery , and has incredible longevity. (Lifespan>3000HRS)
  • Water - Resistant Sleek Design ( Styllish aesthetics with copper aluminium elements amalgamated in a compact design ensuring water resistance & heat dissipation system.)



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