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Meguiar's Deep Crystal Top Coat Maintenance Spray

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  • Revitalizes paint coating hydrophobic effect of M68802 Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating.
  • Boosts surface gloss & darkness.
  • Tops up coating protection and durability.
  • Use as often as desired.
  • Wash surface only with Meguiar’s pH balanced shampoo and then dry before applying it.
  • Always apply to a clean & dry surface. Spray either directly onto the paint or onto X2020 Supreme Shine Microfibre towel. Then immediately buff the product onto the paint until the surface is glossy and dry.

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Before: The front view of the Thar lacked a defining element, leaving the windscreen area relatively plain. Without the M-TEK Wind Screen Bar, the vehicle's aesthetic potential was limited, missing a visual enhancement that could amplify its rugged charm.

After: With the addition of the M-TEK Wind Screen Bar, the Thar's appearance transforms dramatically. The sleek yet robust bar seamlessly integrates into the vehicle's design, accentuating its adventurous character. This enhancement not only adds a touch of style but also reinforces the Thar's robust front profile, exuding a sense of power and durability.

In summary, the M-TEK Wind Screen Bar takes the Thar's visual appeal to a new level, enhancing its overall aesthetics and reinforcing its adventurous spirit.